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Penumbra 2 : A Soul's Journey download pdf

Penumbra 2 : A Soul's Journey by Anne Katherine
Penumbra 2 : A Soul's Journey
Author: Anne Katherine
Number of Pages: 254 pages
Published Date: 14 Oct 2011
Publisher: Soulpath Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Type: PDF
ISBN: 9780615459059
File size: 27 Mb
File Name: Penumbra.2.A.Soul's.Journey.pdf
Download Link: Penumbra 2 A Soul's Journey

"Penumbra 2" begins where "Penumbra 1" ends, a continuation of the life of Priest Sammuel and the introduction of subsequent lives inhabited by the person we now know as Anne Katherine. Each life is layered carefully to illustrate how we are offered 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th chances to fix our past mistakes. While Sammuel, a respected and gifted priest, fought to save the life of his beloved niece, victim of a devious attack by veiled adversaries, the very nature of the continent of Atlantis-the climate, its culture, even the core of integrity that ran through all human life-was changing. Would Sammuel find the inner strength to stand against the renegade priests whose quest for power was threatening their world? Sarel was a humble tanner when the disciple came to his small village. A brightness burned from this man, and Sarel left his tools and followed him, learning of the great teacher who had been slain by the authorities. Sarel gave himself to their mission and paid a great price. On his vision quest, Path to New saw men climbing upon each others' backs as they scrambled up a distant shore. And the lives and culture of his people were then threatened as these men thundered toward them. He was tribal shaman and had a second chance, in this life, to save his people. But he and his father, the chief, disagreed on how this might be done. A mistake would cost everyone's lives. Anne Katherine, MA, a respected and gifted therapist and author of 6 bestselling self-help books, 9 books altogether, discovered that people could transform their problems and free themselves from issues that kept them stuck in unhappiness. But these methods were beyond conventional therapy. If she spoke up, would she lose face among her friends and colleagues? She had a third chance, in her current life, to risk her personal status in order to spread a life-saving message. An excerpt: "I was concerned about what some of my friends would think of me, now that I've revealed I have this whole secret spiritual life. I see now that this is the exact worry that plagued Sammuel. I feel a balm on my heart that I've forged ahead and let "Penumbra 1" and "Penumbra 2" be published. I've fixed my former mistake. This is an incredibly blessed feeling and I invite you to discover it." ""Penumbra" is going to change the way we think about our personal histories. This is the cusp of a new way of understanding." The Rev. Sherry Buckner

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